I’m Miles Seecharan, a trainer, coach and consultant in the Getting Things Done (GTD®) productivity methodology. I’m based in Manchester but work nationally and internationally.

I arrived back in the UK in 1999 after spending my twenties working overseas, then started a family and got a job in higher education. Over the next few years, life grew bigger;

  • I was commuting across the country every day.
  • I had a full-time job in IT management.
  • I had a part-time job running e-learning courses.
  • I was studying for a Masters in Coaching.
  • I had 3 young kids.

It was pretty full-on and it took its toll. I was getting up at 3am every day to get a headstart on everything I needed to get done. At night I was crashing out on the sofa after dinner, barely seeing the kids.

Then, in 2004, I was asked to look into time management and productivity training for the staff in my organisation and I came across the book, Getting Things Done – the Art of Stress-free Productivity. It was one of life’s turning points.

Over the course of the next few years I dabbled with GTD. Some things made a difference immediately, like getting on top of email. Other things took longer to evolve but, as time passed, it changed everything.

I progressed from being in a small support team into managing IT training at the UK’s 4th largest university, and eventually I was responsible for delivering a 24-7 IT help service with over 40,000 users in the UK and around the world. And I had a life outside of it, too.

Things were good but there was also a new problem. I’d been telling more and more people about GTD and sharing my passion for it whenever I had the chance. It had become more than a side interest.

Then, in 2015, several things happened in my personal life – including the death of my father – which hammered home the fact that life is short, and I decided to ‘go for it’. I called Next Action Associates and the rest, as they say, is history.

A year later I was a certified trainer and I quit my job to teach GTD on a full-time basis. Read more about me and GTD on LinkedIn.